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Hi, I am Prime Minister Research Fellow in Computer Science at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Ropar. Interested in working on various topics, including Fairness in Machine Learning, Recommender Systems, Federated Learning, and Game Theory. I finished my Bachelor's from the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Sonepat (Mentor & Campus NIT Kurukshetra). My research is published in premier computer science journals such as Springer, Taylor & Francis, etc. This would not have been possible without the motivational and valuable supervision of my mentors Dr. Shweta Jain and Dr. Virender Ranga. For more details, see publications.


Machine Learning


Core Java




Java EE


Web Development


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07-Sep-2020 to Present

Doctoral Degree (Ph.D. CSE)

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Ropar, Punjab, India.

Prime Minister Research Fellow (PMRF)

Supervisor: Dr. Shweta Jain

Thesis Title: Fairness in Machine Learning Algorithms (tentative)

GPA: 8.75/10.0

Sep-2016 to May-2020

Bachelor Degree (B.Tech IT)

Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Sonepat, Haryana, India.

Mentor & Campus National Institute of Technology (NIT) Kurukshetra.

Project Guide: Dr. Virender Ranga

GPA: 9.6216 / 10.0 ( Rank 1)

2016 to 2016

Senior Secondary (12th)

B.C.M Arya Model Sr. Sec. School, Ludhiana (Affiliated to C.B.S.E)

Score: 94.20% ( School Topper in Mathematics)

2010 to 2010

University of Cambridge,UK

ESOL International Examination

Key English Test

(Council of Europe Level A2)

Grade: Pass with Merit

Ph.D. Journey

Sep-2020 to Dec-2020

Semester 1

Coursework (10/20 Credits)

Social Computing & Networks (CS-522)

Instructor: Dr. Sudarshan Iyengar

Credits: 3      Grade: A

Data Structures & Algorithms (CS-506)

Instructor: Dr. Anil Shukla

Credits: 4      Grade: A-

Mathematical Foundation of CS (CS-526)

Instructor: Dr. Shweta Jain (Linear Algebra),
Dr. CKN (Vector Calculus, Probability)

Credits: 3      Grade: B

Jan-2021 to May-2021

Semester 2

Coursework (20/20 Credits)

Topics in Aritifical Intelligence (CS-712)

Instructor: Dr. CKN, Dr. Shashi Shekar Jha, Dr. Shweta Jain

Credits: 3      Grade: A

Intro. to Game Theory & Mechanism Design (CS-535)

Instructor: Dr. Shweta Jain

Credits: 3      Grade: A-

Machine Learning (CS-503)

Instructor: Dr. CKN

Credits: 4      Grade: B-

Sep-2021 to Dec-2021

Semester 3

Audit Courses

Reinforcement Learning (CS-533)

Instructor: Dr. Shashi Shekar Jha

Credits: 3      Grade: Audit Pass

  •   Bagged Prestigious PMRF 2021 Fellowship by Ministry of Education, Govt. of India.

  • Submitted work on Fair Clustering

Jan-2022 to May-2022

Semester 4

  • Submitted work on Fairness in Recommender Systems to RecSys 2022 Core A Conference (Annoymous Review)

  • Started Teaching Deliverables on "Intro. to Python & Machine Learning" at GNDEC, Ludhiana. (Course Layout)

  • Cleared Ph.D Comphrehensive Examination (Oral + Written)

  •   Bagged Best Paper Award for Extended Abstract on Fair Clustering at Conference on deployable AI by RBCDSAI, IIT Madras, India.

Sep-2022 to Dec-2022

Semester 5

  • Completed Thesis Proposal Seminar titled "Fair Algorithms for Machine Learning".

  • Extended abstract on algorithmic recourse accepted in CODS-COMAS 2023

  • Review on group and individual fairness accepted as book chapter on AI and Ethics, Springer.

Jan-2023 to Present

Semester 6

  • Attended ACML & IndoML 2022 Conference.

  • Work on group fair clustering got accepted in CORE A* Conference AAMAS 2023 as extended abstract.

  • Work on group fair clustering got accepted in Workshop on Games and Agents (GAIW 2023) at CORE A* Conference AAMAS 2023 as full paper.


Jan-2021 to Present

Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College (GNDEC)

Ludhiana, Punjab, India

Guest Faculty

PMRF Deliverables on "Introduction to Python & Machine Learning" (1.5 hr/week)

PMRF Deliverables on "Python & Machine Learning" (1.5 hr/week)

PMRF Deliverables on "Object Oriented Programming & Python" (1.5 hr/week)

Sep-2020 to Present

Indian Instiute of Technology (IIT), Ropar

Punjab, India.

Teaching Assistant

Introduction to Computing & Data Structures 2020 (GE-103), Data Mining 2021 (CS-524), Game Theory 2021 (CS-535), Game Theory 2022 (CS-535)

May-2018 to July-2018

Auribises Technologies

Ludhiana, Punjab, India

Python & Machine Learning Trainee

Project Title: Comparison of ML Algorithm

Certificate Number: AUR20170506568

May-2017 to July-2017

Auribises Technologies

Ludhiana, Punjab, India

Java EE Trainee

Project Title: eCommerce WebApp

Certificate Number: AUR20170506568

Jun-2016 to May-2020


NIT Kurukshetra, India

Fullstack Developer

Group of web, android & graphic enthusiastic passionate for pursuing technologies.( Mozilla's Campus Club)

May-2016 to July-2016

Auribises Technologies

Ludhiana, Punjab, India

Android Trainee

Project Title: Slam Book

Certificate Number: AUR20160512325

Research Interests

Fairness in Machine Learning

Recommender Systems

Interpretable Machine Learning

Game Theory

Machine Learning Applications

Federated Learning


Decision Support System for WhiteFly

A collaborative Android project under guidance of Professor's at Punjab Agricultural University to help farmers predict Whitefly Disease in Cotton Crop on the basis of weather forecast predictions.


Web Portal to bring labourers and customers at one place & help connect with each other. Also integrated Aadhar Card Validation, SMS API & SHA Encryptions. Technologies used in project basically covered JAVA EE, MySQL, Bootstrap and JavaScript.


The Department of Soil Conservation, Punjab, devised a lift irrigation project to benefit farmers in Kandi Area, Hoshiarpur, Punjab. I was part of the assigned technical team with goal to develop integrated mobile and web applications. The main responsibility was to develop an android application and admin portal for faster communication with farmers & achieving e-Governance.

AnandVihar Welfare Society

Designed an Android based platform for cooperative housing society – AnandVihar , Ludhiana, Punjab to manage all types of basic day to day functions like member registration , plot transfer , society fees manager for members , printing list of plot holders , online complaint manager and many more. (visit)

Solar Powered Farm

A collaborative Android based Project under guidance of Professor's at Punjab Agricultural University to help farmers in setting up of Solar Powered Farms.


FactoryDukaan is a Technology Driven B2B Platform to provide you the solution to all your business problems. They provide a platform where one can; Sell, Purchase and Trade products. I was Technical Team Lead in the startup to develop web services. (visit)

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Awards, Achievements & Certifications

Dec-2022 to Dec-2022

ACML 2022

Shortlisted for mentorship session and a travel grant to attend the Asian Conference on Machine Learning, Hyderabad. (know more)

Dec-2022 to Dec-2022


Attended Indian Symposium on Machine Learning- IndoML 2022 (know more)

March-2022 to Mar-2022

Best Paper Award

For Extended Abstract on Fair Clustering at Conference on deployable AI by RBCDSAI, IIT Madras, India.

Mar-2020 to Mar-2023

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE)

Qualified GATE conducted by Ministry of Education, Govt. of India.

16 Dec-2021 to 18 Dec-2021

IndoML Symposium

Attended Indian Symposium on Machine Learning- IndoML (know more)

7 April-2021 to 10 April-2021

Google Research Symposium

Attended Google Research India Graduate Symposium for Ph.D. students in Asia-Pacific region. (know more)

Oct-2020 to Present

Data Analysis with Python: Zeros to Pandas

Course conducted by Jovian.ml

Certificate Ref ID: MFQTEMBQG4

26 Oct-2020 to 30 Oct-2020

ATAL FDP on Data Sciences

Attended 5 days Faculty Development Program (FDP) by Aligarh Muslim University.

Approved by AICTE Training And Learning (ATAL) Academy (know more)

Certificate ID: ATAL/2020/1005000

5 Oct-2020 to 9 Oct-2020

ATAL FDP on Quantum Computing

Conducted by Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC).

Approved by AICTE Training And Learning (ATAL) Academy (know more)

Certificate ID: ATAL/2020/1599456095

3 Oct-2020

IEEE Virtual Talk Series

Attended IEEE Virtual talk series on "21st century retail market with AI" by IEEE AcSYR-CSIO, Student Branch.

Certificate ID: 2020STB1147523244

15 Sep-2020 to 19 Sep-2020

Workshop on Blockchain

Attended 5 days workshop by Poornima Insitute of Engg. & Technology, Jaipur on blockchain and its application.

7 Sep-2020 to 11 Sep-2020

ATAL FDP on Data Sciences

Attended by University of Hyderabad.

Approved by AICTE Training And Learning (ATAL) Academy (know more)

Certificate ID: ATAL/2020/1598588192

12 Sep-2020 to 13 Sep-2020

HEISENBUG-Programing Contest

Participated in global level programming contest by Computer Society of India, Student Chapter, KJSIEIT, Mumbai.

1 Sep-2020 to 5 Sep-2020

Workshop on NLP using Python

Conducted jointly by Jaipur Engg. College & Research Center, and Rajasthan Technical University, Kota

29 Aug-2020 to 2 Sep-2020

ATAL FDP on Data Sciences

Conducted by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow.

Approved by AICTE Training And Learning (ATAL) Academy (know more)

Certificate ID: ATAL/2020/1592770547

Professional Activities

2020 to Present
Reviewer: Journal of Super Computing

(Publisher: Springer) (know more)

2021 to Present
Reviewer: Computers in Biology & Medicine

(Publisher: Elsevier) (know more)

2022 to Present
Reviewer: ECML PKDD Conference

(know more)

2022 to Present
Sub-Reviewer: ICJAI 2023 Conference

(know more)


Shivam is a quick learner and a pretty creative child. He has good hold on technological fronts.


Ishant Kumar

CEO, Auribises Technologies.

It was nice working with Shivam. The support and the ideas by Shivam were extraordinary. Also the way he resolved the problems were truly amazing. Wishing him all the best for his future endeavours


Sparsh Narang

CEO, FactoryDukhan.com

Shivam has collaborated with me on a research project. Having a sharp intellect, he possesses a highly humble attitude. He is technically strong and has an excellent mathematical background and outstanding coding skills. Not only he is very accommodating and benevolent but also an extremely disciplined and self-motivated researcher. Working with Shivam has enhanced my problem-solving skills, too, and when it comes to research, his approach to every research problem is unique.


Kirandeep Kaur

Research Collaborator

Shivam is an extraordinarily experienced software engineer who deeply understands his works and gets things done efficiently, thoroughly, and correctly following best practices. Drawing from his vast experience, Shivam has an immediate grasp of the scope of any project and is quick to identify potential complications so they can be addressed in the planning stage. A natural mentor who is generous with his time and expertise, Shivam can always be counted on by his colleagues to provide valuable insight and guidance. I wholeheartedly recommend Shivam to anyone who values a principled, expert team player.



Team Partner- SCADA SCMIP Project

Shivam is my fellow mate from the same 2020 Ph.D. batch, and we had worked together on a paper in the same year. He is a very responsible, hard-working, talented and inquisitive personality whom I came across as he would be very much well-informed and acquainted with all the latest upcoming and technologies and would readily have the capability to come up with a solution in a short time.


Ranjana Roy

Research Collaborator

I had the opportunity to work with Shivam on a social computing project. I witnessed his highly effective Research Techniques and keen attention to detail in work. Shivam's hold on the latest technologies also proved to be an asset for the team. We also published this work in a paper, during which I observed good writing skills on his part.


Sravanthi Chede

Research Collaborator

Shivam is a great team person, having practical knowledge in multiple aspects of web development. He is also a great innovator and presenter. Glad to be part of his team.


Rishabh Sethi

Project Partner (SkillCart)

Shivam is extremely hard-working and passionate about his work. He has a nick for learning new technologies and is proactive when delivering something. He is a very humble and promising person. I wish Shivam the best in his future endeavors.


Anushka Misra

Research Collaborator

I worked with Shivam for a college project, and his ownership of the project commitment to completion was amazing. He was open to solving problems in the right way, however challenging they might be. He helped others in the team, making him a must-have team player.


Gaurav Arora

Project Partner (SkillCart)


Shivam Gupta

Prime Minister Research Fellow



Lab no. 212, S. Ramanujan Block, Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar

Web of Science Researcher ID : AAV-9504-2020